CITYMOVE aims at contributing to matching EC needs by integrating new technologies into a urban multi-role solution in a interoperable environment bringing to a significant breakthrough increasing in terms of efficiency and safety (in-vehicles) and reduction in CO2 emissions.

CITYMOVE starts from an accurate investigation of Users Needs which are the basis for further developments in Technical Specification. User Needs are then the starting point for the development of technical core of CITYMOVE, vehicles and functionalities, where the consortium will make a significant step beyond the state of art through the new Vehicle Concept Developments. Use cases will be selected according to their background, data availability, local commitment (ensured by POLIS through its network of local administrations) and geographical location (New Accession cities will have a preferential lane). Then  CITYMOVE will evaluate and assess the progress made through real cases applications.








Paul is a 7,5 tons lorry driver, he delivers refrigerated goods to the Bordeaux Super markets in France.
Today Paul and his colleagues drive more than 104.000 km per year, consume around 25.000 diesel fuel litres and contribute negatively to add 66 tons of CO2 on the air of Bordeaux.
Today Paul pays around 40.000 € each year to run his vehicle and is forced to jump the delivery to “Saveurs Latines” because it can’t be driven through Place St Pierre being 2,3 m wide.
Today Paul is driving 8 hours per day, he runs a concrete risk having a not clear eyesight of pedestrians and cyclist from the blind spots of his lorry and he strongly risks to be involved in a collision with other vehicles.
With CITYMOVE, Paul and his colleagues will be able to decrease the fuel consumption to 16000 litres and reduce the negative impact to 39 tons of CO2 to the air of Bordeaux.
“Saveurs Latines” in Place St Pierre will receive Paul’s delivery and he will spend around 30000 € to run his vehicle.
Paul will feel safer with the Urban ADAS Systems on Board and will conclude his daily round of deliveries earlier than one hour compared to the former situation Paul’s quality of life will go better being able to have more time (one hour per day) hour to dedicate to his family.