Dissemination strategy, exploitation and stakeholders involvement

CITYMOVE dissemination and exploitation strategy includes a set of promotional and marketing efforts and actions to optimise the use of results and outputs of the project itself as well as the dissemination of such results to all relevant stakeholders, both at a EU/national/local level as well as addressed to all different target typology (as in the Dissemination Plan). This WP encompasses a coherent and carefully structured set of promotional tools (information packaging and communication tools) and sequential processes (such as workshops, conferences, virtual forums), aimed at establishing an effective and synergic communication and active interaction with stakeholders in order to enhance the level of market acceptance and the impact on the Community as a whole. This WP provides a detailed Exploitation plan conceived as ‘living dynamic document for a concrete deployment’ that will be produced as a result of the project moving forward requirements and consultation activities with stakeholders.