8th/9th November 2010 - EUCAR Conference in Autoworld, Brussels

EUCAR Conference takes place in Autoworld, Brussels, in the presence of Neelie Kroes, European Commission Vice President for the Digital Agenda. CityMove and CityLog project were presented in the mobility and transport session.

On 8th and 9th November over two hundred stakeholders from the European Commission, governmental institutions, automotive suppliers, research providers and universities convened at the Autoworld in Brussels at the annual EUCAR Reception and Conference.

As the VIP speaker at the Reception on 8th November, European Commission Vice President Neelie Kroes presented her vision for the Digital Agenda, whose goal is using ICT to improve daily life, focusing on its application to the automotive sector. “There can be few better places to start than with mobility and the ICT ecosystem that supports it,” said Kroes.  She also highlighted the important role of cooperation between stakeholders. “EUCAR's partnership model has played a long-standing role – and the EU can play an important role, too,” said Kroes.  “We need the automotive and ICT communities side-by-side.” 

At the Conference on 9th November, Dr. Duval-Destin reiterated EUCAR’s view that R&D in transport to should focus on sustainable mobility as one of the Grand Societal Challenges.  EU R&D programmes should include a dedicated automotive R&D initiative, with resources devoted to meeting the sector’s societal demands of mobility, transport, environment, energy efficiency and competitiveness.

Three technical sessions were staged during the conference to highlight ongoing collaborative projects.  On the subject of Mobility & Transport, the projects eCoMove and City Move/CityLog were presented, demonstrating how new mobility systems are being researched to improve system efficiency and competitiveness for moving both people and goods.

The final session was a panel discussion on Clean and Energy Efficient Vehicles, featuring representatives of the European Commission, automotive suppliers, the energy industry and automotive manufacturers.  They highlighted that a number of vehicle technologies will be needed to ensure sustainable mobility of people and goods, including continued development of internal combustion engines, further electrification of the vehicle and low carbon biofuels.


Download CityMove and CityLog presentation here