The CITYMOVE European project, started on January 1st 2010, is a focused research collaborative project co-funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme, Theme 7, Sustainable Surface Transport.
CITYMOVE aims at developing an innovative integrated vehicle solution fitting with the integrated city transport solution approach for a secure, flexible, reliable, clean, energy efficient and safe road transportation of goods across European cities, having also a significant impact on reduction of CO2 emissions and improvement in terms of safety and security.
CITYMOVE is coordinated by Centro Ricerche Fiat, it involves 13 partners in 6 different European countries, including industries, research institutes, associations and freight operators.

“Freight transport logistics has an essential urban dimension. Distribution in urban conurbations requires efficient interfaces between truck deliveries over longer distances and distribution to the final destination over shorter distances. In addition, the distribution process between production centres and customers inside an urban area needs to be efficient and clean…….The development of these solutions requires the involvement of all stakeholders.” [1]


[1]From “GREEN PAPER Towards a new culture for urban mobility”, adopted on 25 September 2007 - COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES