List of public deliverables [1] Deliverable name Delivery date (project month) [2]
D6.1 Dissemination Strategy and Plan 4
D2.1 User Needs and System requirements 5
D5.1 Evaluation Plan 17
D1.1 First Periodic report 18
D5.2 Use Cases Results and Verification 33
D5.3 Final Evaluation 35
D6.3 Main results from user consultation group and recommendation for future deployment and transferability 36
D1.2 Second Periodic report 36
D1.3 Final Report 36

[1] Deliverable numbers in order of delivery dates. Please use the numbering convention <WP number>.<number of deliverable   within that WP>. For example, deliverable 4.2 would be the second deliverable from work package 4.

[2] Measured in months from the project start date (month 1).